Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just my opinion

People keep saying I'm arrogant for claiming so, but it is my firm opinion that jumping off of tall buildings without any sort of parachute or just bound to end badly. Of course, I've never tested this opinion myself and I've, thankfully, never seen it put to the test by anyone else. However, no matter how much people tell me that it's possible to float if you really believe, I simply can't bring myself to even consider their opinion as anything but bat asshattery.

It is true. I can't logically prove that it's impossible to float. Really, I never said it was impossible to begin with. It's just that based on what I know of how the world works, it simply is not so. If you jump off a bridge, you will fall. I say this with absolute certainty though of course I must always admit that it is a logically indefensible position. I've always considered that a rather pedantic point though.

Of course, I've always said, "Go ahead, jump and show me," but nobody to date has been willing. "I don't need to jump. I don't test my faith. If I jump for you then by jumping I admit that there's reasonable doubt and there is none. Furthermore, by jumping I would then know and by knowing lose my faith." When I throw up my hands and say, "Well I sure as hell ain't going to jump and I really find your claims to be quite insane," they of course insist I'm being quite arrogant and insulting. I don't really know what to do with that.

What really bothers me though is when I watch how these people go around convincing others that what they're saying is true. Worse still, they insist on telling their children that they can fly. I just want to scream every time I see them doing it. It takes every amount of willpower to keep from slapping them across the face and demanding to know by what rational they believe it right to tell children such things. Is it right for me to sit idly by knowing that these children are being lied to and that the lies they are being told will effect how they approach life as adults? It is, of course, just my opinion but still...every ounce of my intellect tells me that what these children are being told is incorrect and dangerous.

Then there are those among the "helium heads", as I call them, that admit the proposition is absurd. They tell me, "But it makes some people feel better to believe they can fly. Who are you to insist that they subscribe to the same truth that you do, a position I find rather disturbing and morally underwhelming?" I just don't know what to say to that either. Believe what you want I guess, but if you jump you are going to die. Furthermore, why insist on believing in something that you know is absurd and that you know can never really effect your life in any way until you test it, something you are unwilling to do? What about thinking you can fly makes your outlook better than mine and why do you think my life is less fulfilling because I hold the opinion that thinking you can fly is just nuts?

It's really quite disturbing to me that so many people are like this. They think they can fly and that I'm somehow less of a person because I just don't buy it. Worse, they say I'm arrogant because I hold what they call an indefensible position that is essentially unprovable and keep insisting that their position is up for debate and should be confronted at every opportunity.

What do you think? How should I approach this situation?

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